Skin Healing/Eczema Set: Marigold Lotion, Marigold Salve, Plantain Salve, & Purely Soap

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TREATMENT OF ECZEMA: Early treatment will lessen the effects of eczema; however, there is no known cure. The most common treatment is to decrease the itching. Be advised: Overuse of the steroid cortisone will cause the skin to thin, increase bruising, and decrease your immune system. It is extremely important for young children to not be using steroid cream for any length of time as this can lead to painful acne breakouts and more as they age.

RECOMMEND- application of our natural lotions and oils immediately after bathing, while the skin is still moist.
The best results we have seen have come from our Marigold Lotion & Marigold Salve, which contain calendula and other ingredients known to help relieve and heal eczema.
Our new Plantain Salve is also an effective choice and safe for all ages and skin types.
Using our natural soaps will make a difference for your skin as well. You can choose from the unscented Purely, to one that has essential oils for added healing.

There are many emotional and environmental triggers that will cause your skin to flare up. Determining what these triggers are will help you at controlling the flare-ups and redness.
If you know that drinking red wine and eating cream cheese stuffed jalapeños will make your face light up like a Christmas tomato, you may want to reconsider ordering this on a first date!

Value $66 packaged in an organza bag!


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