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We get it. Figuring out how to live more naturally can be confusing and overwhelming, but we’re here to help. On the Daisy Blue blog we break down the science, wade through all the info out there, and get real about living a more holistic lifestyle.

Treat Your Feet – Get Ready for Summer!

Start by removing any old polish with a gentle and conditioning nail polish remover….

Introducing: Essential Oil Rollerballs

We are happy to introduce our new Essential Oil Rollerballs! They are made with 100% natur…

The New Look of Daisy Blue Naturals

We are excited to share with you the beautiful new look of Daisy Blue Naturals!

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Carol’s Care Kit – October Only




Ronda’s Care Kit – October Only


Autumn Spice Soap


Natural and safe products for my family!

“I was frustrated trying to find something that would work for my daughter's rashes. Nothing the medical doctors advised would treat the rash, and the treatments had nasty side affects. I was feeling so frustrated and wanted natural and safe products for my family to use. I went to a Daisy Blue party by chance, and couldn't believe how good the products made me feel!”

- Katie Smart

Great products!

“I love Daisy Blue Naturals! It has made such a difference in my life. Medically during my breast cancer treatments…”

- Carol Theisen

Easy choice!

“We watch what we eat and we are always trying to take better care of ourselves, yet our skin is never talked about! What we put ON our body ends up IN our body….an easy choice for me after I learned about the chemicals in other skin care products, and how ours really do make a difference.”

- Tammy Busho


“Daisy Blue provides me with safe products for my family at an affordable price.”

- Angie Opel