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Handmade by the women and children in Uganda, Africa.  Daisy Blue Naturals purchases the bracelets directly from the Kids Inspiring Kids organization and donates each year a portion of the proceeds of the sales of our bracelets and Shea Butter Lotion to this organization.  We have been blessed to know the founders personally and will continue our part in supporting their efforts.

Kids Inspiring Kids is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization working in Uganda with a group of about 3000 refugees, mostly from the northern Acholi region, now living in a makeshift refugee camp in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala.  They have survived numerous atrocities in their lifetime, but are now facing the demolition of their current living quarters.  Since 2005, our organization has provided guidance and enrichment to these people through various charitable programs.  Now, these people are in greater need of help than ever before.  Despite the incredible atrocities they have faced in the past, they are once again facing life-changing and life-threatening circumstances.  We have a transformative solution that will create a generational impact for years to come. It also requires significant contributions from generous donors. Building Place of Refuge Village will provide them a safe and self-sustaining place to call their home for generations to come.  This is just the start of our dream to transform life in Uganda.  Please consider helping us achieve this dream.

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