Stress Relief for the Holidays

As the holidays are approaching, the potential for less sleep and more stress increase, which will lead to a compromised immune system.
There are many ways to provide yourself with stress relief for the Holidays, which will lead to more restful sleep, naturally.

Here are our top stress-reducing products that we recommend, and why they work!

Stress Relief for the Holidays

Sleep Easy Pillow Mist

Created using a natural blend of essential oils that help to induce relaxation and improve overall sleep. Did you know that many day cares LOVE our Sleep Easy?!

Relax, detox, and soak in a warm bath at least weekly to help decrease stress. Submergence in warm water calms the nervous system by reducing the level of stress and anxiety in the body. Soaking can also reduce pain and inflammation. Pair that with the naturally anti-inflammatory Hemp & Copaiba Bath Salts and you’ll be drifting away into la la land!
The benefits of CBD are limitless and include boosting immunity and reducing stress & anxiety when taken daily.
On the go support when you need a calming effect. Blended using similar oils as our Sleep Easy, this rollerball can be breathed in and applied to pressure points when you feel stress and anxiety starting. Great for all ages!

Help Yourself with Stress Relief for the Holidays

Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of water, and remember to JUST BREATHE, give gratitude, and enjoy the sunshine!

Peace, Love, Daisy Blue.

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