Three Common Skin Care Mistakes

What are the common skin care mistakes you should be aware of, and why exactly are they mistakes?

Skin care mistakes are not uncommon due to a variety of reasons. At Daisy Blue, we love education as a form of self-care, and well, in this case, self-care follows naturally too.

Since your skin is constantly evolving and shedding skin cells throughout the day, it’s important to take care of it to prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and keep your skin in overall good health. Additionally, prevention is easier than correction, and proper skin care can help prevent damage to your skin.

Three Common Skin Care Mistakes

  1. Exfoliating the skin TOO much. While exfoliation is important in cases where desquamation (the natural exfoliation of skin) is slowed, over-exfoliation can actually cause damage to the top layer of the skin. This damage can lead to more breakouts and more irritations, the very thing you’re trying to avoid. As a rule of thumb, we recommend exfoliating no more than 2-3 times per week.
  2. Not washing your face at night. While you sleep, your skin rejuvenates and needs oxygen. In order to through this process, your skin needs to be clean. Additionally, foregoing nighttime washing prevents dehydration, allows anti-aging products to properly work, and prevents enlarged pores. We outline the importance of washing your face in more detail in this blog.
  3. Not applying your moisturizer to damp skin. To maximize the effects of moisturizer, make sure to apply it immediately after washing your face, while your skin is still damp. This allows the moisturizer to get in and do the work even faster and brings in more hydration for you.


Get started on your skin care routine with our line of natural Daisy Blue skin care products, and check out our TikTok for even more skin care tips.

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2 thoughts on “Three Common Skin Care Mistakes

  1. How do I prevent/treat aging skin that is starting to get that ‘crepe’ look?

    1. Hi, Tamara! Thanks for the question. We can look at two areas, lifestyle, and skincare.
      Make sure you are drinking PLENTY of water. H2O to hydrate hydrate hydrate! Lifestyle causes can come from smoking, stress, lack of sleep, and too much sun. Good skincare and cleansing daily is important too. We recommend our Soothing or Balancing face collections, and you can never go wrong with Liquid Gold Serum and the Jade Eye Rollerball.

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