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Hello friends,

Thank you for your interest in Daisy Blue Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer.  At Daisy Blue our mission is you. We are proud to offer you the best in wellness for you and your family.  When Jena Thompson the founder and CEO of Daisy Blue was approached by her local area businesses and asked if she could provide them with an antibacterial hand sanitizer she did just that! The response from the community has been overwhelming and we are eternally grateful. Through your support of the hand sanitizer, you have enabled our small business to stay in business.  We feel as if we have truly been able to make a difference in every life that we have touched.

Germs are an unfortunate everyday occurrence in life everywhere all of the time. Now it is even more important to follow the proper guidelines for hand washing and using hand sanitizer.  Daisy Blue is proud to do our part to help your family stay well during this challenging time and during the unknown challenges facing us in the future.

Our hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs. It is formulated using Ethyl Alcohol (grain alcohol). We are following the FDA required policy and approved formula for COVID-19, to kill 99.9% of bacteria/viruses, effectively.
Active Ingredient                  Purpose
Ethyl Alcohol 70%……………….Antiseptic

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Please do not hesitate to contact our customer care specialist with any questions you may have at ccs@daisybluenaturals.com 

Once again, thank you from the entire Daisy Blue team for giving us this opportunity to help you stay well.


Stay Well. Live Well. Love Well. Daisy Blue.

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