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Green Face & Body Bar (Tea Tree)


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Perfect for oily or combination skin, it works for both the face and body. Naturally-occurring green clay draws out impurities and excess oil production. Tea Tree fights the bacteria that causes breakouts. Balanced to keep the skin moisturized and healthy.

Pets:  Natural cleansing soap for washing.

People:  Cleansing that helps with acne and troubled skin.

Ingredients: Naturally saponified olive and coconut oils, shea butter and castor oils. Amino acids. Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree) Essential Oil. Green Clay. Naturally occuring glycerin. 4.5 oz.

How To Use: Apply with cotton ball to affected areas. Can be used as a natural cleanser for the face.

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1 review for Green Face & Body Bar (Tea Tree)

  1. Amy Hunt

    My teens and I use this bar every day. It takes care of the breakouts and cleans our face really well. I follow it with the toner and the moisturizer for a complete cleansing system.

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