Body Lotions vs Body Creams

The Difference Between Body Lotions and Body Creams

Moisturizing the skin is the key to keeping it youthful and hydrated and using a lotion or cream daily can help keep your skin stay healthy. So, what should you use? A body lotion or a body cream?
A lotion will have a higher water (or as some ingredients listed will say, hydrosol or juice) content as the first ingredient listed. In fact, most body lotions on the market today are typically 85-95% water! The purpose of a body lotion is to lock in moisture in the skin without creating a ‘heavy’ feel and absorbing in quickly.
A body cream, on the other hand, contains less water than a lotion and will leave a heavier oil barrier on the skin. Creams will still absorb in readily, however, it will take a bit longer than a lotion. Creams will typically have some type of ingredient that is solid at room temperature, including shea butter or cocoa butter.
Body Lotion vs Body Cream

Body Lotion vs Body Cream, when to use:

  1. Normal to slightly dry skin = lotion
  2. Extra hydration needed = cream
  3. Milder scent = lotion
  4. Stronger scent staying power = cream
  5. Better in the winter = cream
  6. Better in the summer = lotion

Can you use a lotion and a body cream together?

Absolutely! Imagine the lightweight creaminess of our Almonilla Lotion, paired with the Cherry Almond Body Cream, creating a blend that will both nourish, moisturize, and protect the skin during the colder winter months.
Daisy Blue Naturals has a variety of superior quality, truly natural body lotions and body creams. Our lotions are formulated using less water than the traditional drug store lotion and will give longer staying power and moisture for the skin. Our rich and creamy body creams are thicker and enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, and organic hempseed oil in all of our creams. Long lasting hydration for the skin makes our body creams a good choice during the cold, winter months for protecting the skin.

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