Four Steps to Take to Keep You (and your skin) Safe

We all know that our skin is our largest organ so what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream right? This explains the influx of topical pain relief skin patch products being offered on the market today.

But how do you know which products are safe to use?

First, understand the ingredients.

If you can’t pronounce it or spell it, you probably shouldn’t be using it. Of course products that are not tested on animals nor contain any animal ingredients are truly the most healthy for you. If there is nothing toxic in it, then why test it on animals?

Second, are there any side effects?

This is very important when trying to decide which pain relief is right for you. Will it affect other medications that you are taking? Will it make you fall asleep during the day? Will it help you sleep at night?

Third, how will the product affect your skin?

Will it make it dry, cracked, and irritated? Will it be greasy or sticky? How quickly will it absorb?

Fourth, where was it made?

Do you trust the manufacturer? Do you know where the product comes from? It may have been outsourced overseas, then sit in cargo containers for months waiting to arrive on your store shelf. Products that are handcrafted in small batches offer higher levels of quality control. All of this combines to give you a fresh, clean product!
Keep You (and your skin) Safe


Now that we understand the four steps to use and what to look for, let's talk about our Lavender Lemon CBD Cream.

Why is it different?

Because of the all natural, organic ingredients. Because it was handcrafted, in small batches for better quality control. Because it was made in the USA (right here in Minnesota and formulated by our Chemist, Jena) and shipped directly to you.

Why is it better?

Because we know exactly where our CBD Oil is grown, and by whom. We are very proud to be partnered with Southern Sota, Dreamin Farms to make all of our CBD products: All of our CBD products are third party tested for quality and consistency by an independent laboratory. The pain relief is instantaneous with no side effects other than it might make you a little sleepy. However, we advise that before you begin adding CBD into your daily routine, to please discuss it with your doctor first.
At Daisy Blue we are very proud to offer you Wellness that Works. We wouldn’t try to sell you something that we do not 100% believe in, and actually use ourselves!
Want to learn more about the differences between Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp? Check out our blog post from April.

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