Why We Do What We Do at Daisy Blue

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary, we would like to share a beautiful email that we received from one of our customers, Heather. {Testimonial below}
It warmed our hearts and filled our souls with joy! It reminded us of our purpose at Daisy Blue and why we do what we do. We wanted to share this with you because right now we all need a little Good News!
We appreciate each and every one of you for supporting Daisy Blue. If you have a story to share we would love to hear from you. It inspires us to keep going, to keep pushing, to keep creating, to give you the best natural products for you and your families.
Heather & family

I just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying your products. I actually tried your products for the very first time 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. My friend Gina was a consultant at the time and she recommended I try the Shea Butter Balm. It helped so much because my belly was so itchy when I was pregnant. So it's a great product for pregnant mamas! I have no idea why it took me 8 years to order your products again but I'm glad I was introduced to them and remembered to try them again. A big thank you to Gina for letting me know about your products too, she's where I initially heard of them. 🙂
Recently (a few months ago) I experienced a skin reaction to nitrile gloves at work, which led me to allergy testing to find out I have a skin sensitivity to chemicals in the gloves. Long story short, through that I realized how much I want to cut out as many chemicals in my skin care products as possible, and your products are the most natural out there, and they smell so good, and feel so good on your skin.
I also feel like for the first time since I had my first baby 8 years ago, I'm doing something at home to relax and pamper myself. It feels like I'm at the spa whenever I use your products. I realized....I don't even have to go anywhere and I can relax and refresh, which I probably never did enough of before. It's so fun pampering my kids and husband too. I use your products on them all the time.
So, thank you!! Your products are wonderful! It feels so good knowing good things are going into my body, instead of so many chemicals that are out there in other products. God bless your company and thank you for all you do! You guys are wonderful!

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