Daisy Blue Naturals has Lip Balms “Four” Days!!

WELL…. it is 7 days but who’s counting? 😁
That is right, each day of the week offers a new and exciting Lip Balm experience!

Monday is all about starting your week off right with natural Vitamin E Lip Balm!

The Vitamin E Lip Balm is an all-time favorite and must have amongst Daisies! It is the perfect on the go moisturizer and can be used for more than just lips!
  • Use underneath your eyes to gently wipe away mascara or eyeliner that has traveled where it should not.
  • If your skin tends to dry out while traveling by air, the Vitamin E Lip Balm is a TSA-approved, pocket-sized, moisturizer.
  • In a pinch, apply to sunburn.
Of course, you want to be careful about germs, so you may need two: 1 for your lips and 1 for moisture on the go! Let us add on the Tea Tree!

Tuesdays are for Tea Tree Lip Balm!

Tea Tree Lip Balm is naturally antibacterial which makes it the perfect lip balm to help combat cold sores. It also doubles as an on-the-go zit stick! At the 1st sign of trouble apply the Tea Tree Lip Balm and keep it with you wherever you go. Bad cold, red runny nose, use the Tea Tree Lip Balm to help tame that red nose.

Wednesdays are for Island Breezes and Lemongrass & Coconut Lip Balm!

Ahh…Wednesday, you have almost made it to Friday so let the deliciousness of herbal Lemongrass and sweet Coconut carry you away to your island paradise! Lemongrass is naturally herbalicious and germ-fighting while the natural coconut gently nourishes the lips.

It’s Thursday, so Hemp It Thursday! Enjoy Organic Hemp Lip Balm, blended with all-natural vanilla!

It is the Grooviest Thursday ever! Made with extra organic hempseed oil, this groovy stick helps even the chappiest of lips become healthy again. Use on all dry skin issues, dry spots, peeling skin, and more!

Fridays are filled with fruity fun with our Grapefruit Mint Lip Balm!

Grapefruit essential oil blended with mint equals a tingly treat that also moisturizes! The Daisy Blue original was created to help freshen the lips and keep you germ free with the added grapefruit oil. Planning a make out session? This is the lip balm for you!

Saturdays are for ch.. ch.. ch.. ch.. CHERRY BOMB 🍒 Lip Balm!

Bring out the cherrylicious in those lips! One of our newest creations, this new lip balm is the BOMB! Silky smooth and nourishing, with a rich cherry flavor leaving you wanting more…and more, and more, and more!

Sundays are for Self-Care with our Lavender Lemon Lip Balm!

Selfcare never felt so good, which is why your self-care Sunday is all about the Lavender Lemon Lip Balm. The ultimate in calm that tastes oh so good! This lip balm helps soothe lips while you breathe in the natural lavender lemon blend. Great for kids, too!

Which day is for you? Why not try all 7 in our Lip Balm Collection!

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2 thoughts on “Daisy Blue Naturals has Lip Balms “Four” Days!!

  1. I’ve used the Grapefruit Mint in the past. Love it. Then I got the Lemongrass Coconut. Works wonders, and the scent is fabulous – so fresh & lemony. My favorite. I’ve also had the Hemp. That one seemed too soft & felt a like grainy. Like the alternate use ideas. Will have to look into other choices.

    1. We are so glad you have found lip balms that work for you! Thank you for sharing!!

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