Limited-Edition April Trio, PLUS Jena’s Birthday Flash Sale

April Trio + A 5-Day Flash Sale

It’s a special month for Daisy Blue Founder Jena, who’s celebrating her birthday on April 4th! 

In celebration, we have not one—but TWO big pieces of news for this month.

Daisy Blue April Trio, featuring the Mad Hatter Tea, Vitamin E Body Oil and Red Jasper Stone

First is the limited launch of the April Trio (pictured above), featuring a few of Jena’s favorite products. It’s only on sale as a package through April 30, so make sure to snag your trio before the month ends!

  1. Red Jasper Stone a.k.a. Power Stone: Helps with grounding, strength, creativity and stamina. Associated with the element of fire, Red Jasper is associated with a few aspects of well-being and relationships. First, it’s said to kindle romance and spark love. Second, it’s connected to grounding and helps form a strong connection to Mother Earth. Third is its use in sparking creativity and expression. Fourth, it is also known to assist with setting and maintaining boundaries. And finally, it can help provide deeper insight into difficulties you’re facing and help you through them. 
  2. Mad Hatter Tea: An organic caffeine-free blend with licorice and sarsaparilla notes. Created with 100% organic caffeine-free ingredients, the Mad Hatter is an herbal tea blend that’s sweet & spicy, smooth & silky.  It’s fitting of a tea party—especially one we imagine the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland would throw. 
  3. Vitamin E Oil: A light but powerful formula that nourishes your skin. Made with 100% natural ingredients, our Vitamin E Oil revives and renews the skin with its lightweight, concentrated formula—creating a beautiful, healthy glow.


Second is Jena’s Birthday Flash Sale! Running from April 1-5, this sale features 30% off a few more of her favorites, pictured below.

Left to Right: Hemp & Copaiba Oil, Hemp & Copaiba Salve, Copaiba & Citrus Body Spray, Hemp & Copaiba Bath Salts, Hemp & Copaiba Vanilla Body Cream

Hemp & Copaiba Oil, Hemp & Copaiba Salve, Copaiba & Citrus Body Spray, Hemp & Copaiba Bath Salts, Hemp & Copaiba Vanilla Body Cream

Why Hemp & Copaiba? The use of copaiba balsam by indigenous peoples dates back to the 16th century, with the product now gaining popularity worldwide for its abundant properties and uses. Our copaiba is paired with organic hempseed oil, which helps keep the skin healthy and provides even more anti-inflammatory and skincare benefits.

Daisy Blue Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil (Description in Trio Above!)

Daisy Blue Mascara

Daisy Blue Mascara

A Daisy Blue classic, our 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan mascara will change the way you think about natural mascaras. Did we mention it’s hypoallergenic, too?


Join us in celebrating this month—and leave Jena a shoutout in the comments below.

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