Daisy Blue March News: Spring Abundance Trio plus our limited-time sale

It’s time for Daisy Blue March news!

With the spring equinox just around the corner—March 20 for those who like to be exact—we have two big announcements to make.

This image features one piece of Daisy Blue March News—the Spring Abundance Trio. It includes the Green Aventurine Stone, Healthy Skin Loose-Leaf Tea and Natural Facial Scrub.

First is the launch of our Abundance Spring Trio, celebrating the time that the flowers start to bloom, the bees start to buzz, and the sun fills Mother Earth with warmth. This trio includes: our Natural Face Scrub (NEW!), a Green Aventurine Stone, and our Health Skin Loose-Leaf Tea.  The Trio will be sold for 10% off the entire month of March in-store and online.

And speaking of sales, we have another one you don’t want to miss. Through March 31, we’re hosting a Spring Skincare Sale. Just use the code SPRING21 at checkout to get 50% off our entire skincare product line. Customers are limited to one quantity per product, so we can share that skincare abundance with others, too!

Now, back to our Abundance Spring Trio. This trio is packed with a bundle of benefits and lots of self-care. We’ve outlined each product below to help you learn more.

  • Natural Face Scrub: Formulated as an exfoliant for all skin types, this new product is made with ingredients like apricot seeds, natural pumice, and tea tree essential oil. It cleanses pores and removes flaky skin without the harshness of chemical-based scrubs.
  • Green Aventurine Stone: This stone gains its energies from plant life and the earth, making it the perfect one to bring forth spring abundance. Its been said to improve self-confidence, protect you from emotionally draining people, and help you speak your truth.
  • Healthy Skin Loose-Leaf Tea: Created with 100% organic ingredients, our Health Skin Loose-Leaf Tea is tasty and functional. Steep in boiling water for a cup of calm, create a steam tent for an at-home facial experience, or add to your bath to soak it all in.

And that’s it for now for our Daisy Blue March news!

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