Natural Eczema Relief

Did you know that millions of people suffer from some form of Eczema? Although there is no known cure, Dr. Daisy has some 100% natural recommendations to help bring you some relief.

Treatment of Eczema

Early treatment can help lessen the effects of eczema, but at this time there is no known cure. The most common treatment is meant to decrease the itching brought on my eczema. However, overuse of steroid cortisone will cause the skin to thin, increase bruising, and decrease your immune system. It is extremely important for young children to not be using a steroid cream for any length of time This can lead to painful acne breakouts and more as they grow and age.

Dr. Daisy Recommendations

Apply natural lotions and oils immediately after bathing, while the skin is still moist. We recommend our Marigold Lotion and Marigold Salve, which contain calendula and other ingredients known to help relieve and heal eczema. Our new Plantain Salve is also an effective choice and safe for all ages and skin types.

Another recommendation is using our 100% natural soaps.You can choose from the unscented Purely, or one that has essential oils for added healing.

Eczema Triggers

There are many emotional and environmental triggers that will cause your skin to flare up. Determining what these triggers are will help you at controlling the flare ups and redness.
If you know that drinking red wine and eating cream cheese stuffed jalapeños will make your face light up like a Christmas tomato, you may want to reconsider ordering that on a first date! If stress is high in your life right now, find ways to bring some balance and peace back into your life.

Natural Product Detox

If you recently switched to using a truly natural, detoxifying product like Daisy Blue, you may experience redness and some heat as the body is naturally releasing toxins. These toxins have been in your body for quite some time. Give yourself a good two weeks (we promise it is usually much less!), with consistent use of Daisy Blue to remove the ‘bad’ toxins your previous skin care put there.

Bottom line is YOU know your skin better than anyone. Treat it with respect, and it will deliver a beautiful glow back to you!

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