Daisy Blue Lifetime Testimonials | Part 3

Welcome back for part three of our Lifetime series! We are excited for you to know why we believe in Daisy Blue products, and for you to meet someone else to whom our products have made a difference in their life. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Arianna.

Arianna’s daughter was born with a blocked tear duct which caused her left eye to drain. In the cold with the moisture it caused a lot of dry and chapped skin on her face where it would run down. She tried many different products with little relief. After trying Daisy Blue Naturals Baby Lotion, it cleared up right away and kept it away. She stopped once, and it crept back up. Arianna knew she couldn’t get by without it – she’s been using it ever since!

Tell us how you learned of Daisy Blue Naturals:

I am really into natural products. My mother-in-law knows Jena from a local small town, so she brought me a sample of the Daisy Blue Naturals Baby Lotion for us to try. We saw how it started to make a difference on our daughters skin.

What was it about Daisy Blue that made you decide to give it a try?

I love that it is 100% natural and organic and you can read all of the ingredients on the label and understand what is in each product. That is important to me.

What Daisy Blue products do you use, what are your favorites?

We use the Baby Lotion for dry skin and Marigold Salveon dry patches on our lips or more sensitive areas. We use the witch hazel aloe toner on scrapes and such. I also used the laundry detergent for awhile as well.

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