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When you think of products for new parents, baby-focused is what instantly come to mind. Becoming a parent is like embarking on a new adventure. Our products are 100% natural and organic, and safe for both mom and baby. As new parents the dual purpose of these products will be greatly appreciated. Here are some of our favorite products and their uses for both mom and baby:

Shea Butter Healing Balm

  • For Baby: Great for diaper rash or other minor skin rashes.
  • For Mom: Helps to prevent stretch marks, great for nipples during and prior to breastfeeding. Daily application helps keep nipples soft, supple, and moisturized. All Daisy Blue ingredients are organic and safe enough for baby to ingest!

Vitamin E Body Oil

  • For Baby: After a bath or getting ready for bed the oil is great to massage onto their skin to help moisturize and relax. A great natural remedy for baby eczema.
  • For Mom: The look of stretch marks can be diminished while moisturizing skin and leaving it soft to the touch.

Baby Lotion

  • For Baby: This is a great lotion for dry skin or to use after bath, one of the ingredients is calendula.
  • For Mom: Using calendula, avocado, shea butter, lavender, and hints of vanilla it’s a a sweet treat for baby’s delicate skin and for mommy too.

Relax Rollerball

  • For Mom and Dad: Promote rest, relaxation, and self-care for parents. Our relax rollerball helps when feeling anxious, restless, or suffering from stress. A few rolls on the wrists and behind your ears and you’ll be calm, cool, and collected.

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