Daisy Blue Lifetime Testimonials | Part 2

Welcome back for part two of our series! If you missed part one, click here. We are excited for you to know why we believe in Daisy Blue products, and for you to meet someone else to whom our products have made a difference in their life. We’d like to introduce you to Shannon Berns, she worked for three years in the same office space as the Daisy Blue lab and she knows Jena well.

Tell us how you learned of Daisy Blue Naturals:

I was able to meet Jena and the product in person, being close to the lab Jena invited me in to see the natural ingredients and process for myself before I decided to purchase them. Something that is important to me is the social responsibility of a company, and those who run the company. Knowing Jena and seeing Daisy Blue with my own eyes, it is very obvious that she cares about all the things she says she cares about. Daisy Blue is very transparent about all the ingredients they use, and it is hard to find info to that degree with other natural products.

What was it about Daisy Blue that made you decide to give it a try?

I like to know what everything is in the products I use. Being able to find these products isn’t easy, or you can only buy them online. That limits you being able to smell and feel it like you can with typical products. Sometimes if you appreciate natural product you are willing to take a leap of faith, and if you know you like it that may not be a huge barrier, but to try something to that limits you. Daisy Blue can be purchased online, but Jena is also open and available to accommodate her customers needs.

I like to make some of my own skin care products, but love Daisy Blue for others. The 100% natural and cruelty free promise of Daisy Blue is what sparked it for me. Eco-friendly and not having chemicals is very important, and Daisy Blue is truly natural. I love that Jena is a chemist and so knowledgeable. She does a really good job of sharing her knowledge and educating her staff. I am Jena’s biggest fan!

What Daisy Blue products do you use, what are your favorites?

I really love the makeup, specifically the mascara and face powder, because I haven’t been able to find makeup that “operates” properly and is 100% natural. It applies well and works like it is suppose to. The mascara doesn’t get clumpy – I would to see more options for the makeup!

I also love the Vitamin E oil and how it makes my skin feel after I bathe. It has changed my skin for the better. Another staple for me is Liquid Gold Face Serum. It is exactly that! Liquid gold. My skin looks younger and revitalized.

Everything works how it is described and that is what I really appreciate. I use them all in my daily routine because natural products are very important to me and my lifestyle

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