Daisy Blue Lifetime Testimonials | Part 1

We know how much we love and believe in Daisy Blue, but we thought it would mean more for you to hear it from someone who’s life has been changed for the better by our 100% natural products. Whether it is to live life naturally or to find relief from an ailment, this two part series will introduce you to two people who have had their lives changed by the natural products created by Daisy Blue.

To start, you have heard about all the wonderful benefits of Daisy Blue, that we use only 100% natural ingredients in all of our products. We believe in doing things a little differently. All of our products are still made fresh by hand in small batches in Southern Minnesota. When we print “Natural” on the label, we mean it. We continue to use certified organic ingredients, cosmetic-grade essential oils, and pure plant extracts. All of our products and ingredients are cruelty-free and safe enough to eat.

Today we would like to introduce you to Ann Hartsook. About 6-7 years ago she was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, she has great difficulty using any product that is petroleum based – which many product on the market today are. Ann suffered from terrible sickness that included migraines and skin issues before she finally found Daisy Blue.

Tell us how you learned of Daisy Blue Naturals:

I am sensitive to so many chemicals and encounter many periods where if I am around a lot of perfume or cleaning products that people are using in their environment, I begin to not feel well. The idea of being able to counter that without any fear of being ill is what got me to do my research and ultimately led me to Daisy Blue.

What was it about Daisy Blue that made you decide to give it a try?

I love Daisy Blue products, what drew me in was the 100% natural ingredients in all of their products. I had purchased a lot of ‘natural products’ that were not natural. Daisy Blue was ground breaking – their candor and openness with all of their ingredients. Jena’s authenticity and integrity, her passion really is to meet the customers needs.

What Daisy Blue products do you use, what are your favorites?

I really love the Bohemian line – citrus scented lotion, body wash and mist. I also really love the almond body mist. I also love the aromatherapy rollerballs, they are very helpful if I am in a situation where the environment is making me ill.

I was desperate to find something I could use to still feel like a woman, it can be such a limitation. Jena and Daisy Blue made that possible. I use all of the cosmetic line: foundation, blushes, eye shadow, and mascara. My favorite eye colors are beach and earth, and I currently use warmth blush, bronzer and magnolia foundation.

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