Why Coffee Is Good For You!

Exfoliate Away Dimples using Coffee

The lovely dimples of cellulite; even models are not exempt from these love marks!  Let’s take a look at how a coffee scrub works to lessen the appearance of cellulite.

The coffee scrub has many benefits including anti-inflammatory and exfoliating properties, temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, and smooth skin.

The number one enemy of cellulite is caffeine, which tightens and tones the skin when applied topically.  (Sorry, you can’t drink it away)!  When applied and used as an exfoliate daily and religiously, coffee has been shown to lessen the appearance of dimples and cellulite on the body.

Here we mix caffeinated ground coffee with naturally exfoliating sugar, skin-conditioning organic coconut oil, and skin nourishing avocado oil to create a gently abrasive blend that will stimulate blood flow to the troubled area.  The result is firmer, smoother skin.

Bonus!  We add natural organic chocolate to the mix for an amazing smell you will crave!

How to use:  in the shower, apply the scrub to areas with cellulite.  Massage the scrub onto the skin in a circular motion before rinsing.  Repeat daily for best results.  Pair up with our Coffee Soap for an added boost!

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