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Sun Protection Cream

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Sun Protection Cream using natural mineral oxides.  A little will go a long way!   We recommend blending the sunscreen daily with our Face Moisturizer, Liquid Gold, or Chardonnay Cream for protecting the face, neck & Decollete.  Or for full-body coverage blend with our Vitamin E Body Oil.

  • Mineral sunscreens help prevent sun damage, just like traditional sunscreens, but they do so using physical blockers like zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. These ingredients work by reflecting the sun off your skin, as opposed to absorbing and transforming harmful rays on your skin like chemical-based sunscreens will do.  (Avoid Oxybenzone and Retinol sunscreens).

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1 review for Sun Protection Cream

  1. Tara

    I have developed sensitive skin as I have gotten older and the past few years I get a terrible sun rash when in the sun. Even for a few minutes. I have an expensive sunscreen from the dermatologist which did nothing and I have tried every product imaginable. Then I tried this. Life changer! It is the only thing that works for me! No rash since I started using it and my pale skin has never been sunburnt since! Thank you Daisy Blue!

    • DaisyBlue

      We are so glad our Sun Protection Cream works so well for you! Thank you for the shout out!

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