Soothing Face Collection

The Soothing Face Collection gives you the ultimate luxury skincare experience!

Hyaluronic Acid with liquid quartz-infused pure water gently hydrates the skin, adding back a healthy glow.  Organic rosehip and coconut oils are infused with Jasmine Absolute to give the skin nourishment and plumping from the Liquid Gold Face Serum.  The natural Cleansing Cream nourishes and protects while gently removing makeup.  Witch Hazel is formulated with organic aloe vera for a gentle skin-healing astringent.  The Jade Eye Rollerball is cooling and helps decrease fine lines and puffiness.

$192 value.



Step 1-Cleansing Cream

Step 2 –  Witch Hazel & Aloe Toner

Step 3 – Jade Eye Rollerball

Step 4 – Liquid Quartz Face Serum

Step 5 – Liquid Gold Face Serum

Step 6 – Rose Quartz Face Roller

The collection contains

Cleansing Cream, Witch Hazel & Aloe Toner, Cooling Jade Eye Rollerball, Liquid Quartz Face Serum, Liquid Gold Face Serum, and our new Rose Quartz Face Roller.


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