Minnesota Nights Organic Tea


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2 oz. bag loose leaf

How To Use


Place 1-2 tsp. in an infuser and steep in 10-12 oz. of boiling water for 3-5 minutes.


Place 2-3 tsp. into a large bowl of hot, steaming water. Using a towel, create a steam tent and steam the face for up to 5 minutes.


Place 2-3 tsp. in your bath using a tea or mesh bag.

Organic Ingredients Benefits

PEPPERMINT LEAVES: soothes upset stomach, treats IBS symptoms, helps relieve headaches, boosts energy.

HONEYBUSH: improves bone health, has cancer fighting properties, boosts skin health, immune system support.

LEMONGRASS: anti-inflammatory, healthy digestion, antimicrobial properties.

RASPBERRY LEAF: high in nutrients and antioxidants, helps protect cells from damage.

CHAMOMILE: Helps sleep and reduce anxiety.

ROSEHIPS: reduces joint pain, supports healthy looking skin, boosts immune system.

STEVIA LEAF: natural sweetener, weight control, helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

ORANGE PEEL: high in vitamin c, high in fiber, rich nutrients, polyphenols, helps heart health.

YARROW FLOWER: may enhance wound healing, alleviates digestive issues, reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety.


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