Hemp & Copaiba Salve and Oil Duo

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We have exciting news!  Our newest creation, Hemp & Copaiba, has launched!  You can purchase as an oil or a salve.  Save 10% when purchased as a set.



How to Use:
Apply topically for pain relief!  Immediate results after application for reducing pain & inflammation.
Fights infection.
Reduces scarring.

Considered one of the most naturally found anti-inflammatory products on Earth, Copaiba balsam has been used for hundreds of years by the indigenous people, and is now spreading throughout the world for it’s abundant properties and uses.

Our copaiba is paired with organic hempseed oil (cannabis sativa) which helps to keep the skin healthy and provides additional anti-inflammatory and skin care benefits. Shea Butter helps to keep the skin moisturized and adds healing benefits as well.

Full Ingredients on the individual product listings.

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3 reviews for Hemp & Copaiba Salve and Oil Duo

  1. Susan Glennon (verified owner)

    Works like magic! I was so anticipating the launch of this product as I’ve been suffering from horrible heel pain. I tried both the oil and the salve. While repeat applications were needed when the pain returned, they both worked quickly and effectively to bring me relief. Will report back after a few more days use.

  2. Ronda J Staloch

    I struggle with chronic low back pain. I easily injure my back sometimes doing the simplest things. Last Saturday I was weed eating and when I got done my back was sore. Ever since that I’ve hardly been able to bend over get out of bed get out of a car easily until my back stretches out. Today I went and visited my friend Jena because she had told me about her copaiba and hemp oil. I bought it. I put it on one side went into a store and that side was instantly pain free. So when I got back to the car I put it on the other side of my low back and I was able to carry on the rest of my day getting in and out of the car getting up and down out of a chair with zero pain. I still am nervous to do too much…..but this product is amazing

    • DaisyBlue

      Thanks for sharing, Ronda! We are so excited that the oil works well for you and that you are feeling the results.

  3. Amy Lee

    I absolutely love the oil. I have bad knees from years of being on my feet and sports as a kid. I rub on the oil before I go to bed at night and in the morning I can move more freely. I have used it on my daughter as well for her growing pains and she always tells me after, “mommy, my legs don’t hurt any more!”

    • DaisyBlue

      Hi, Amy Lee!

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful testimonial. We love hearing stories like this and the difference the product is making in your life, as well as your daughter’s life! Thank you!

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