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Beat the Cold & Flu Season, Naturally!


Everyone fears the financial sting of holiday shopping, party costs, and that much-needed gym membership when the holiday binge-eating does us in. However, there is one thing that we dread even more this time of year… cold and flu season. 

Although we can’t put everyone in a bubble until it passes, we can prepare our bodies for the fight and win it in no time at all. Naturally. Yes, I said naturally. Forget that over-the-counter garbage that just masks your symptoms. It’s great until it wears off and you’re scrambling for more. It doesn’t shorten the battle and it usually leaves you feeling groggy and out-of-sorts. Are you even sure what’s in it? Dump it in the trash, because I’m going to give you the Top 6 all-natural remedies for boosting your immune system and beating that crud!

1. Apothicare Elderberry Syrup & Apothicare Osha Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup, as an all-natural supplement, is a fantastic way to not only boost your immune system, but also help fight off the virus itself. Elderberry itself carries powerful antiviral properties, antioxidants, and vitamins that help reduce the duration of your sickness and strengthens your immunity as well. This syrup is also packed with natural honey, organic ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and coconut oil, which are all deliciously potent ingredients that help strengthen your immune system and soothe your symptoms.

If you are struggling with respiratory issues as well, the Osha Elderberry syrup is what you need in your arsenal. Osha root is used to treat coughs, sore throat, bronchitis, and even pneumonia and the swine flu. It is also used as an immune system booster, much like elderberry. Osha is an effective natural treatment against many viral and respiratory infections, including the common cold and the flu.

If you don’t have this in your medicine cabinet, its time for you to get some!

2. Daisy Blue Naturals Relief Therapeutic Oil

We all love that vapor rub relief when we are stuffy and miserable, but most vapor rubs are petroleum-based balms. This petroleum-based balm is refined from carcinogenic by-products of oil (yuck!) and can cause a plethora of long term health problems, including damage to your lungs. So even though you are getting temporary relief, you are putting your general health at risk as to the price.

Daisy Blue Naturals Relief Therapeutic Oil is a safe and all-natural alternative. This oil gives you the same vapor rub relief while being completely safe to your health. Therapeutic Relief Oil is so safe, in fact, that it is recommended for all ages! It can be used in all the same fashions as vapor rub.

Daisy Blue Ultimate Cold Care Kit

3. Daisy Blue Naturals Relief Rollerball

The Relief Rollerball is also a fantastic way to provide some relief from nasty cold and flu symptoms, with on-the-go, ready-to-use benefits. It’s the perfect size for your pocket or your purse and the ingredients are pre-mixed in safflower and coconut oils (which are great for your skin). Just roll it on your pressure points, chest, or feet, and go!

4. Daisy Blue Naturals Immunitea Herbal Tea

A hot cup of tea comes with many benefits. The steam can help loosen mucus, open up your air passages, and add much-needed humidity to your lungs. Also, drinking warm water can soothe a sore throat and help promote healthy digestion. But what can help most is getting the right nutrients into your body.

Our Immunitea is a 100% organic blend of herbs made to boost the immune system and relieve your symptoms. This blend is made with peppermint, elderflower, raspberry leaf, ginger root, elderberries, yarrow, and hyssop herb. These herbs work together to relieve headaches, congestion, indigestion, sore throat, and body aches and chills.

So, before you reach for that Alka-Seltzer or Day-Quil, give your body what it REALLY needs to beat that crud… the right nutrients.

5. Daisy Blue Naturals Cold Comfort “Relief” Bath Salts

A hot bath can be incredibly comforting. Again, the steam alone can help tremendously, but a good soak can help remove virus causing bacteria from your pores and the surface of your skin. Adding some eucalyptus and peppermint to your tub can help threefold.

Our Cold Comfort Bath Salts are exactly what you need before you hop in that tub. Made with the perfect blend of essential oils and naturals salts to bring you relaxation and relief while you soak.

6. Himalayan Salt Infrared Sauna

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit our Himalayan Salt sauna in Austin, Minnesota, there’s no better time than now. The cold months are far from over and even if you aren’t struggling with some kind of bug, heat therapy can lift your spirits and boost your general health. But right now, we are going to focus on HOW it is good for your health, especially when you are sick.

Himalayan Salt alone is said to rebalance your pH levels, improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps and inflammation, and allows for easier breathing. Add this to the benefit of heat therapy, and your body will be in heaven. Plus, sweating helps rid toxins and unhealthy bacteria from your body and can put your immune system into drive. These benefits could mean the difference between miserable you and happy you. If you fall in love with the Himalayan Salt Sauna after your session, don’t worry… memberships are available for all budget types!

If you haven’t booked a sauna session yet, you can do so on our Daisy Blue Naturals Austin Facebook page.

Even if you haven’t felt that first sneeze coming on yet, it’s best to be prepared before you are too miserable to leave the house. Not to mention, starting those remedies early-on can prevent things from getting a lot worse!

If you haven’t found refuge in these products yet, don’t waste another minute waiting for that cold medicine to kick in. Stop in at one of our retail locations or order your Daisy Blue Naturals all-natural relief from our online site. Your body will thank you!

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Fighting Through Cancer ~ Product Testimonials from Survivors

We shouldn’t have to create products to help women and men going through cancer treatments, however, we still have the need for natural options for them during this time of need.
Instead of telling you what we think works great, we asked a few of our customers who have gone through or are experiencing chemo and radiation what products worked well for them.
Here are their testimonials.

“I was introduced to the Daisy Blue products in November of 2003. I absolutely fell in love with them and gave them to everyone at Christmas time. In January of 2004, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. I had surgery and they (Daisy Blue Naturals) gave me their products to use. Knowing what I knew then about Daisy Blue Products I decided to use them and see what would work for me. I used the Sleep Easy Pillow Mist spray for my pillow to calm me down when sleeping. I remember each night rubbing my feet with Peppermint Foot Butter which really made for a great night’s sleep! I know peppermint keeps you awake, but it did the opposite for me. I used the Shea Butter Healing Balm for my breast scars. I used Lavender Soap and the Lavender Lotion after my shower to calm me down and help heal my skin. I also always had a bad sinus situation, so I was using the three oils (Peppermint, Tea Tree, & Lavender) to keep that open. I do not suggest you use it under your tongue but that’s what I did, and it worked well for me. I used to get lots of cold sores for years due to stress so I used the Tea Tree Lip Balm!!! I could not have done without that fabulous product!!!
While I was doing Chemo, I had got an eye infection which I put a drop of Tea Tree oil on my finger and lightly put it on the infection. Worked like a charm. My eye doctor said Tea Tree works well for that, but it must be the right formula. I showed him the bottle and he said well the infection is gone so it did work. I wish I would have had the makeup at that time!!! I am so lucky I found Jena and this wonderful Company. I believe Jesus sent her to me!!! This product has always made me feel safe that what I was using on my skin would not hurt me.

Love Daisy Blue Naturals!!!”



“I have been using Daisy Blue products for years but especially became helpful when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I love the Sleep Easy Pillow Mist and I use the Natural Deodorant Cream daily.
Since having cancer, I have also had several pain-related issues that Hemp and Copaiba Oil have helped to alleviate; joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, and multiple other symptoms.
After radiation treatments, my skin was very dry and tender, and I have used many of the body lotions including the healing Marigold Lotion and the body butters and creams to help replenish the skin back to its normal texture and softness.

I love Daisy Blue because I know I can trust that the ingredients are safe and will not cause cancer to return.”




“I am currently going through chemo and radiation, and when my oncologist recommended VaniCream, I knew there was a better option with Daisy Blue Naturals. It is upsetting that a product that has petroleum in it, as well as artificial preservatives, is even recommended to cancer patients!

The Hemp & Copaiba Salve and Oil have been my saving grace. Pain control, healing any redness and burns, and more. This is the only product I recommend to anyone dealing with cancer.

Thank you for providing a natural option in a world full of unhealthy ones.”


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Natural Eczema Relief

Did you know that millions of people suffer from some form of Eczema? Although there is no known cure, Dr. Daisy has some 100% natural recommendations to help bring you some relief.

Treatment of Eczema

Early treatment can help lessen the effects of eczema, but at this time there is no known cure. The most common treatment is meant to decrease the itching brought on my eczema. However, overuse of steroid cortisone will cause the skin to thin, increase bruising, and decrease your immune system. It is extremely important for young children to not be using a steroid cream for any length of time This can lead to painful acne breakouts and more as they grow and age.

Dr. Daisy Recommendations

Apply natural lotions and oils immediately after bathing, while the skin is still moist. We recommend our Marigold Lotion and Marigold Salve, which contain calendula and other ingredients known to help relieve and heal eczema. Our new Plantain Salve is also an effective choice and safe for all ages and skin types.

Another recommendation is using our 100% natural soaps.You can choose from the unscented Purely, or one that has essential oils for added healing.

Eczema Triggers

There are many emotional and environmental triggers that will cause your skin to flare up. Determining what these triggers are will help you at controlling the flare ups and redness.
If you know that drinking red wine and eating cream cheese stuffed jalapeños will make your face light up like a Christmas tomato, you may want to reconsider ordering that on a first date! If stress is high in your life right now, find ways to bring some balance and peace back into your life.

Natural Product Detox

If you recently switched to using a truly natural, detoxifying product like Daisy Blue, you may experience redness and some heat as the body is naturally releasing toxins. These toxins have been in your body for quite some time. Give yourself a good two weeks (we promise it is usually much less!), with consistent use of Daisy Blue to remove the ‘bad’ toxins your previous skin care put there.

Bottom line is YOU know your skin better than anyone. Treat it with respect, and it will deliver a beautiful glow back to you!

More AWESOME Body Care Products

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How Essential Oils Can Keep You Healthy During the Holidays

Essential oils have enhanced lives for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.  With so many options to keep you healthy, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 essential oils to keep you healthy this holiday season.



1. Lemon Oil – get a hit of happiness

Researchers have found that those suffering from depression lowered their dose of antidepressants by simply sniffing lemon oil.  The scent helps normalize hormone levels.

2. Lavender Oil – calm and soothe

Evidence shows that lavender is the universal essential oil used for a reason.  It is one of the safest (never apply without dilution, however), helps induce sleep, decrease pain, and alleviates PMS.

3. Tea Tree Oil – treat the icky, nasty, yucks

The oil that is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal fights off your everyday variety of common colds and illnesses.

4. Peppermint Oil – Give a shot of alertness

Smelling peppermint makes you perkier, gives you energy, and decreases nausea.

5. Eucalyptus Oil – Get rid of the sniffles

The scent reduces stuffy noses and sinus pressure.

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5 Ways to Incorporate Honey For Beauty

Honey.  The term of endearment often said between couples and families because of its sweetness has many benefits outside of the lovey-dovey feeling it can give to someone.  This natural amber-colored sweetener has a chemical makeup that provides numerous skin healing and soothing benefits.  Here are the top 5 ways you can easily incorporate honey into your skin care regimen.

  1.   Wash Your Face with Honey!

Honey naturally moisturizes the skin by taking moisture from the air and absorbing it into the skin.  It helps your skin stay smooth and soft for several hours.  Simply apply one teaspoon of raw honey after cleaning your dry skin.  Massage, then leave on the skin for 10 minutes.  Cleanse the honey off your face with warm water.

  1.  Exfoliate with Honey!

Naturally occurring enzymes and antioxidants that are found in raw honey.  To create a radiant and glowing appearance, mix two teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of baking soda.  Apply the honey paste to your skin and rub onto your skin in circular motions.  Wash and enjoy!

  1.  Bath with Honey!

Adding 2 cups of raw honey to running bath water will create a spa inspired treatment for your skin.  Raw honey will help to balance the skin back to its soft and healthy appearance by soaking in the honey bath for 15 minutes.  For an added boost of luxury, add a bath fizzy after the 15-minute soak for a final 15-minute soak.

  1. Clear Acne with Honey!

Honey absorbs impurities from the pores of the skin.  It is also a natural antiseptic and will soothe and heal the skin.  Apply raw honey direct to the skin and leave it on for 30 minutes.  Wash off with lukewarm water and gently dry the face.

  1.  Healthy Hair with Honey!

Raw honey is great for dry, damaged, dull-looking hair.  It helps to retain moisture in the hair and will help rid dry flakes and itchiness on the scalp.  Create your own mask at home by following the recipe below:

Raw Honey Hair Mask




1.  Heat together all of the above ingredients.  Mix well.

2.  Apply mixture to the scalp and hair while it is still warm.

3.  Leave on for 30 minutes.  Rinse and wash as usual.

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How to Truly Get Lucky this March


In March, it’s not uncommon to hear about luck and, of course, the luck of the Irish. Here at Daisy Blue Naturals, we think there are better ways to get lucky than finding four-leaf clovers.

One way to truly get lucky “Daisy Blue Style” is to learn simple and painless ways to detox your body from harmful chemicals. Let’s face it, few things feel luckier than good health.

You can increase the probability of successfully detoxing your body when you make painless changes, changes that do not make you feel like you are suffering or missing out on something you enjoy. But is it even possible to detox your body without giving up some of your favorite things?detox

Fortunately, it is, and choosing a painless way to detox leads to easy implementation and commitment and therefore, success. Choosing a radical detox diet might produce radical results, but the road to success probably will not feel easy. Indeed, you may give in a day or two after getting started.

The secret to successfully detoxing your body is to set yourself up for success! Implement three to five truly painless ways to detox.

You Just Got Lucky!

Yes, you read that correctly. You just got lucky! You see, because we had such great feedback from our 5 Painless Ways to Detox Spa Experience in the month of January, we are now offering that presentation all year long.  Painless Ways to Detox Handout with Kits_5

If you like the idea of feeling healthier by detoxing and shedding a few pounds without suffering, you can schedule this engaging and informational presentation for yourself and a few friends. Many of the attendees let our Consultants know how much they appreciated the short format and the useful content.

You Just Got Luckier!

You can also order the Daisy Blue Detox Kit today, which includes our informational sheet about the 5 Painless Ways to Detox.

To learn more about Daisy Blue Naturals, contact Tammy Stanley, VP of Sales, at

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Kick That Cold, Naturally!

Kick that Cold, naturally!’Tis the season for colds and flu & we’ve got you covered at Daisy Blue.  (No worries, I won’t be switching from chemistry to poetry anytime soon)!

According to studies, symptoms of a common cold usually appear one to three days after exposure to the cold-causing virus.  Unless symptoms worsen, it is recommended to let the virus run its course.

Although you need to let the cold and flu viruses run their course you can help speed up your healing time by doing these simple steps:

• Stay hydrated.  Double your water intake during this time.
• Drink warm fluids.  (Find a healing paleo chicken soup recipe that will help boost your immune system shared below).
• Get 8 hours, minimum, of sleep every night.  This is the time to take it easy.
• Cut dairy & processed foods.
• Use Daisy Blue Comfort Oil and Comfort Crystals to ease discomfort & allow for natural healing.

Why Comfort?

Let’s take a look at what makes our Comfort Oil & our Comfort Crystals work and how you can best use these two products in your healing.

The essential oil blend in Comfort, developed by Daisy Blue Naturals, plays a role in its effectiveness.  By using the following essential oils at just the right concentration for each created a holistic healing powerhouse.   What makes each of these essential oils right for Comfort?

EUCALYPTUS:  Eucalyptol is what gives this oil its therapeutic benefits.  It is the ingredient found in most cough drops and mouthwashes.  It controls mucous production in the body and is an effective treatment for the common cold.

SWEET ORANGE:  Anti-inflammatory and aids in respiratory infections, indigestion, muscle soreness, and is calming.

PEPPERMINT:  Soothes digestion & aids in reducing nausea, headaches, muscle aches, infections, and reduces fever.

LAVENDER:  Helps with respiratory, circulatory, and muscular conditions.  Lavender is very relaxing as well, and will help with insomnia, nausea, and headaches.

All four of these essential oils have high infection-fighting attributes as well.  The natural constituent, Camphor, is also present in our Comfort Oil.

Let’s take a comparative ingredient view of our Comfort Oil vs. Vicks Vapor Rub:

VICKS VAPOR RUB contains 3 ingredients we say ‘stay away’ from.
• Man-made Camphor from turpentine oil.
• Petrolatum – from gasoline.
• Fragrance – synthetic perfume.

As a comparison, our Comfort Oil contains the following 100% natural ingredients:
Organic Soya Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Peppermint, Lavender, & Sweet Orange Essential Oils, Vitamin E, and Rosemary Oil Extract. Cruelty Free, *Gluten-Free* 100% Natural *Phosphate & Sulfate Free *Synthetic Fragrance Free.