Brow Pencils, The One Thing I Never Knew I Needed!

Submitted by Sharon Delphos
Being slightly makeup savvy, I thought I knew everything that my face could possibly need. Brow pencils never crossed my mind because I always thought my brows were fine the way they were. I never waxed or plucked my brows or really paid them any attention. WOW was I wrong!
My love affair with our brow pencils began the moment I first tried them. The difference was immediate but not overtly obvious. It was like applying eyeliner to define your eyes to give them that “POP”. The brow pencils just accentuated that “POP” and helped to further define my eyes.
Soft Taupe Brow Pencil

Our Brow Pencils Perform Double Duty

I carry my brow pencil with me everywhere now. Nothing brightens up your face more than a brow pencil, a little mascara, and some lipstick or lip gloss. Our brow pencils perform double duty because they can also be used as eyeliner! Saves space and money...winner winner! If you have not tried our brow pencils then you are missing out.

Angled Tip

The special angled tip helps it to glide on effortlessly and stay throughout the day. Then it can easily be removed with our Gentle Cleansing Cream or our Witch Hazel & Aloe Toner.
I love learning new things, especially when I thought I already knew everything! I am a true believer now and I love my brows!

Many thanks to Jena and our Lab Fairies for creating beauty everyday.

Peace, Love, and Daisy Blue,
Sharon Delphos

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