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A Treat for Tired Feet

A Treat for Tired Feet
It’s vacation time and we are out and about going to visit family and friends, beaches, theme parks, camping, hiking…you name it, we are doing it!
And our feet are tired. Holding over 25% of our bodies bones, joints and tendons, our feet do a lot for us!
A Treat for Tired Feet
When your feet hurt everything hurts. Especially when you are trying to fall asleep at night, the worst possible time!

Treat Your Feet

So what should you do to alleviate the pain in your feet and get some good quality sleep? Try our Muscle CBD Balm, Lavender Lemon Cream, or the Escape Rollerball!
Apply the cooling and healing balm topically to the bottoms of your feet once you are all settled into bed. Use the cream all over the feet and calves. Apply the rollerball in a counter-clockwise direction on top of the feet (sensory work).
That’s it! Simple, easy, relief!
And once the pain is at bay, keep your feet smelling sweet and feeling cool with an all time favorite, our Peppermint Foot Butter.